By   July 31, 2016

Using PostMan for APIs:

PostMan is a tool for testing HTTP REST Services. It’s a tool similar to Fiddler but a lot easier to use. It doesn’t work like a sniffer for all the HTTP traffic for the system. It works like a simple HTTP client. It allows to send HTTP requests with a request body. It also supports analysis of the response.

It also allows creation of collections which can be rerun later for testing the same APIs.

PostMan Apps

There are two apps available for PostMan. For Mac developers, we can simply install Mac app. There is also an in-browser experience using its Chrome App. In order to install it as a Chrome App, we can simply search it in the web store. Just click Add to Chrome button.

PostMan - Add to Chrome

PostMan – Add to Chrome

This should make the app available in the Chrome Apps list as follows:

PostMan - In Chrome Apps

PostMan – In Chrome Apps

Even though it is available as a chrome App, it is opened as a separate app outside chrome window. This is similar to Chrome Remote Desktop app.

Postman app

Postman app

Let’s test the sample API we created using express. Just notice the simple request using the simple HTTP Uri and JSON response.

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 2.43.05 AM

Using NewMan with Build System

PostMan can also be integrated with continuous integration using its tool called NewMan.

NewMan - npm

NewMan – npm

More details about NewMan can be found here:

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 2.46.27 AM