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Angular2 – Using 3rd Party Libraries

Angular2 – Using 3rd Party Libraries

Angular2 – Using 3rd Party Libraries: We always need third party libraries to build any application. The same is true for applications built using Angular2. In this post, we are going to discuss how we can use 3rd party libraries in an Angular2 app. We have discussed adding these libraries to an Angular2 app with… Continue reading »

Angular2 Routes

Angular2 Routes: In this post we are going to use how to use routes with Angular2 for your components. We are going to create two components and add routes for those components. Let’s first install angular-cli. Let’s create a new project HelloWorld. The command creates the following files: The main folder structure looks like this:… Continue reading »

Angular 2 CLI – An Introduction

Angular 2 CLI – An Introduction We have seen before how yeoman allows us to write the apps faster by taking care of most of the scaffolding work [HTTP based Rest Service in Angular JS using Yeoman]. Angular-CLI is a similar feature of Angular 2 providing support of different parts of an angular app, giving… Continue reading »