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Log4J Dependency with Kafka

Log4J Dependency with Kafka Many of the Kafka artifacts have Log4J dependencies. If you are using logback then your logging stops all of a sudden. Here is an example for one of our sample app. Here we have added such dependency and the App seems to have issues with multiple SL4J bindings. It has finally… Continue reading »

avro-tools in Scala Projects – Don’t…

avro-tools in Scala Projects – Don’t… In this post we are going to discuss how Avro-tools dependency can mess up your logging in a Scala project. Let’s create a sample Scala SBT project. We update the build.sbt as follows: Here are we adding dependencies for logback in addition to avro-tools dependency. Let’s create a simple… Continue reading »

Using Avro Schema in JVM based applications

Using Avro Schema in JVM based applications Like Protobuf, Apache Avro is specially suitable for organizations with polyglot development stack. Data serialized through one language can easily be deserialized in other language on the other end of your messaging platform. This is one of the supported serialization for Confluent platform. The benefits of Avro over… Continue reading »

Overriding Default Serialization for Kafka Connect – Be Careful

Overriding Default Serialization for Kafka Connect – Be Careful Serialization / Deserialization for Confluent platform can be sometimes tricky. There are certain defaults to the platform. As developers, it is our responsibility to understand the defaults and tweak the parts which are necessary. Even just a little mismatch can be sometimes very cumbersome and might… Continue reading »

Angular2 – Attribute Directives

Angular2 – Attribute Directives Directives give us the ability to create tags which can be directly used in the template. Since they are not HTML5 templates, we need to define how Angular can render these components In the end, they would be converted to a representation that a browser understands. Angular can convert these directives… Continue reading »