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Kafka Tools – kafka-delete-records

Kafka Tools – kafka-delete-records While working with kafka we, sometimes, need to purge records from a topic. This is specially needed in a development environment where we just want to get rid of some records and want to keep the other ones. Previously we have discussed how we can purge all records from a topic… Continue reading »

Kafka Tools – kafka.tools.ReplayLogProducer [Copy from a Topic]

Kafka Tools – kafka.tools.ReplayLogProducer Replay Log Producer is a Kafka tool available to copy messages from one Kafka Topic to the other in the same Broker cluster. This supports copying a limited or all messages from a Kafka Topic. The tool is specially useful in a development environment when we want to test something with… Continue reading »

Kafka Streams – Interactive Queries (Intra Application Instance)

Kafka Streams – Interactive Queries (Intra Application Instance) Kafka Streams application need to maintain KTables in an internal application store. It maintains the store using RocksDB. It even allows to query this store during application lifecycle anywhere from the application parts. Let’s first create a simple application KafkaStreamsInteractiveQueriesApp. It is a simple Scala Application. In… Continue reading »