By   May 7, 2019

Kafka Connect – Externalizing Secrets – KIP 297

In order to connect with a data source or sink, we need to use credentials. Kafka Connect added support for specifying credential using config providers. The support for file config provider is available with the installation package. This is discussed in KIP 297. The KIP was released in Apache Kafka 2.

Here is the JIRA.

Changes in worker properties file [etc/schema-registry/]

Fix to mask passwords from REST interface:

Since the connectors are exposed through the RESTful service from Connect, the user credentials will be returned as a response. An additional update was required to fix this. This was worked as KAFKA-5117.



The fix for RESTful service was released in Kafka 2.1.x.

If you are using Confluent Version, it should be available in 5.1.x.

Credentials File

Here is the credentials file