By   January 27, 2020

go – segmentation fault: 11

Running go after a few days, I notice that it is crashing with segmentation 11 error. In this post, we will try to get rid of this error in order to run go on our machine. Actually, I need this as a dependency to run some other development tool.

Reading through the internet, it seems that the program is attempting to access a memory that it shouldn’t. Let’s see if running with sudo would be of any help. It doesn’t…

As microfocus explains, it can also be caused by mismatched binaries. This is possible that some new development tools have messed my dev environment up. Let’s first remove go and then reinstall it.

Now we can download the latest go version from here. Just to note that we are running this on macOS Catalina:

Let’s download and run through the installation:

Now you can notice that we are successfully able to run go.