By   October 12, 2017

avro-tools in Scala Projects – Don’t…
In this post we are going to discuss how Avro-tools dependency can mess up your logging in a Scala project. Let’s create a sample Scala SBT project.


We update the build.sbt as follows:

Here are we adding dependencies for logback in addition to avro-tools dependency.

Let’s create a simple Main and add logging here.

Your editor (IntelliJ) might show you that there are multiple sources for LoggerFactory. Both jar files has the same package too. This should ring some alarms. You must remember that avro-tools is not adding org.sl4j as a dependency jar but it provides an implementation of LoggerFactory embedded into its own jar file. So you cannot use exclusion here.



Let’s also add configuration for logback to specify details of our required appenders.

But there is no log file created. Now just remove avro-tools dependency from your sbt file and now you can see the log file created. So, definitely avro-tools dependency has messed it up.



But you might have avro types added to your project. You wouldn’t be able to compile now as the required types are missing. But you don’t need the avro-tools here for this purpose. You can simply add dependency for “org.apache.avro” % “avro” % “1.8.2”, which is the latest version as of this blog post.

This should have no effect on your logging.