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Bluetooth Smart Beacon Specifications

Why Different Beacon Specifications? Apple released iBeacon with iOS 7. iOS is a very big segment of smart phone users but there is a big market for android and other OSes as well. As apple made it difficult for the iBeacon manufacturers for providing SDKs for Android, they came up with alternate specifications as a… Continue reading »

iBeacon & Bluetooth LE

What is Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth LE? Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) is also known as Bluetooth Smart. It is designed to provide Bluetooth based functionality without draining the battery power of your device. Bluetooth LE is part of Bluetooth 4.0 specification. You can download the specification from Bluetooth.org. You would find three kinds of… Continue reading »

GitHub Contributions – Move heavyliftings to Service

GitHub Contributions – Move heavyliftings to Service

This is a continuation of a post for building an android app for displaying GitHub contributions of a user. We are pulling down profile and repository details of the user. As we are adding features to the app, we have been learning about android and its development model. Currently we are at the point that… Continue reading »

GitHub Contributions App – Android App Preferences

In the previous post, we started creating GitHub Contributions App for Andrdoid. We saw how we can access HTTP REST Service using HttpClient, how we can update permissions specially to access network resources, plus the details about performing actions on background thread while showing the result on UI thread. We also saw how we can… Continue reading »