By   January 19, 2020

Hyperledger Fabric Composer & web sandbox

Hyperledger Composer is an framework that allows development of Hyperledger fabric based blockchain applications. It must be noted that it has been deprecated with Fabric 1.4 released in August 2019. This is the first long term support release for Hyperledger fabric. It is pledged by maintainers to provide bug fixes for a period of one year after the date of release.

Hyperledger Composer Web Sandbox

Hyperledger Composer also has an online sandbox that allows us to understand the concepts of Participant, Asset, Transactions and Events.

Hyperledger Composer web sandbox

Hyperledger Composer web sandbox

Hyperledger Concepts

Hyperledger Fabric Composer has concepts of participants, assets, transactions and events.

Here is a participant created by instantiating SampleParticipant.

And here we have an asset created using SampleAsset. The asset is assigned with a sample assetId as required by the model.

We can create a transaction and publish it, which can later be loaded from history.

In this model, transaction emits an event with details about the older value and the new value being set for the asset identified by assetId. We can see the details about the event. In reality, this event can be used by applications.

Hyperledger Fabric Development using VSCode

Visual Studio Code has a number of extensions allowing the development of Hyperledger fabric based blockchain applications using Hyperledger composer.

Hyperledger Composer VS Extension

IBM Blockchain Platform

IBM Blockchain Platform